Title and Poster Released for Wolverine 3

It’s been mooted for some time now that the third and final Hugh Jackman fronted Wolverine solo movie would be based upon the Old Man Logan story from Mark Millar. This rumour was given considerable legs by the fact that Millar has been working on all the 20th Century Fox superhero properties, now, thanks to the film’s director, James Mangold, we have our clearest indication yet that there is at least some veracity to these claims:

Dropping the ‘Old Man’ but keeping ‘Logan’ as the title for the new movies is an interesting move, true to the character whilst keeping it simple. Looking at the script it seems that we are indeed dealing with an older Wolverine in this installment, a Weapon X whose mutant healing factor is fading, meaning his pain is increasing along with his drinking to dull that pain.

Not only do we get a title but we also get a poster, aren’t we lucky:



Gavin Jones

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