Tactical Batsuit

Zack Snyder Reveals Justice League Tactical Batsuit

Batman has always had multiple costumes in the comics, the right suit for the right job, this has never been represented on-screen with most adaptations only changing suits between films…until now. Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and the upcoming Justice League movie tweeted this image of Ben Affleck in the Tactical Batsuit:

Many have commented that this new suit is reminiscent of the Nite Owl costume from Watchmen, another Zack Snyder joint. Nite Owl himself, well the second one at least, is supposed to be an almost parody of the Batman character, so here we have art imitating other art which in itself is imitating the original art the new art is based upon. Confused? I know I am, in all fairness it is hard to argue against the comparison:

Nite Owl

Maybe it’s the goggles…yeah, it’s definitely the goggles.

Of course instead of going for a different Batsuit, Affleck could always just try one of our Batman-inspired t-shirts instead:


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